It seems like everything is difficult to get right now.  For us it’s multi-function color laser printers, docking stations, desktops, laptops, and even things like wireless keyboard and mouse sets.

We had a lengthy discussion with HP not too long ago, and they said a lot of countries are still under quarantine due to the pandemic.  With a limited labor force to produce parts necessary to assemble the final product, the delays are significant.  Pair that with a container shortage, a ship shortage, limited staff for the aforementioned reasons, etc. and it becomes evident why we are facing supply chain issues.  Taipei, Taiwan had one of the worst droughts in decades.  Taiwan is one of the largest sources of semiconductors in the world.  It takes a tremendous amount of water to make computer chips.  Without the natural resources available (again, in the middle of a global pandemic), their manufacturing all but halted.

So when will things return to ‘normal’?  I don’t think anyone can answer that but I do hope soon.  New vehicles, appliances, electronics–basically anything with a ‘chip’ in it may be difficult to purchase due to supply chain constraints.  We just need to hang in there and hopefully things will be better soon!