.edu and non-profit 501c3 customers

.edu / 501c3 Special Pricing

We are often able to obtain special pricing for our .edu and 501c3 non-profit customers.  Using special programs through Microsoft, HP, HPE, and Lenovo, we can often get great pricing.  If you are a fully qualified 501c3 or educational customer, please reach out to us for special pricing.   We realize budgets are tight and you have to stretch every dollar.  We will go the extra mile to get special pricing for your non-profit organization.

Need Office 365 licensing?  No problem–we’ve got you covered.  We are able to provide non-profit licenses through Microsoft for ANY 501c3 non-profit or .edu organization.  Non-profit licenses are a fraction of the cost of a regular license enabling your organization to operate efficiently and inexpensively.

We currently sell to and service many well known .edu and 501c3 non-profits.  We have the expertise to assist when it comes to special pricing for these organizations.  As a supporter and donor to many non-profits, we have a soft spot for them and it shows in our thinner margins and willingness to help them for a reduced cost.

Microsoft Nonprofit Portal

In order to qualify for non-profit pricing, please start at Microsoft’s Nonprofit website.  After you sign up, it may take a couple of weeks to get approved.  Once approved we can order your non-profit licensing.  A special discount is applied which is pennies on the dollar over regular licensing costs. You will need to provide proof of your organization’s eligibility as described on the Eligibility page.  A tax ID number is generally what they ask for from your 501c3 nonprofit.

Other Software

ESET, Intuit, and other vendors also have special pricing available.  Please reach out for other software to see what discount and special pricing opportunities are available.

We want to help your organization succeed because we care.  Call today to see how we can help!