Every year at this time I pause and think about our journey.  I have been at the company now officially for over half my life!  April 1st, 1996, we opened our doors to the public.  The smell of paint was still in the air.  It had only been hours since we put the last coat on our service benches.  The first PC we sold was a Packard Bell 386 SX.  We sold it used for $1500.  Things were so different back then.  The Internet didn’t exist as we know it today.  Even the early years of dial-up were clunky at best.  Need Microsoft Office installed?  If you bought the Professional version, you would be inserting 55 3.5″ floppy discs over the next several hours (not kidding).  I recently had to download Office 2019 Professional Plus for a customer and the download was 3.3GB.  That would be over 1,000 floppy disks by today’s standards!

We would like to thank our awesome staff, our customers, our vendors, our delivery folks, and everyone who has been a part of our success.  I often hear ‘oh, so-and-so said to go to you guys’.  That means so much.  The best kind of advertising for us has always been word of mouth.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.