Our Partners

We are partnered with companies we hand-picked over nearly three decades.  They are industry leaders whose ‘best practices’ have proven to be successful in their area of expertise.  As an HP and Lenovo Partner, we ensure warranty repair are completed successfully and on time.  Backup, antivirus, virtualization, and more–they do it with excellence.  We have adopted their strategies and incorporated them into our business as part of our service offerings.

For over 25 years, we have been selling products made by Western Digital, ESET, Cisco, Asus, Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Linksys, TrendNet, and APC to name a few.  Our decades long relationship with these manufacturers has allowed us to prove ourselves to them as they have proven themselves to us.  As a result, we have dedicated reps who help us with everything from pricing to warranty fulfillment to training and demo equipment.

If you’re looking at replacing aging equipment, look no further than Green Eggs and RAM to guide you and lead you to the best products and solutions available today.