There was a time when ‘Password’ would suffice as, well, your password.  Or maybe not even having a password and just pressing ‘Enter’.  Unfortunately that is no longer the case.  Passwords need to be complex–alpha-numeric with a special character, no dictionary names, nothing you’ve used in the past 90 days, etc.  But what about other things, like downloading things from websites, opening an e-mail attachment, and common tasks we do and don’t even think about?

We offer affordable security scans as well as full HIPAA compliance scans and comprehensive reporting.  A monthly, quarterly, or even one-time scan might reveal huge gaps in your infrastructure you don’t know about.  We can do a basic scan or a very thorough one and we can recommend the best one based on the size and type of your organization.

Here are just a few things you can do on your own to minimize your risk:

  •  Make sure your router/firewall firmware is up to date
  •  Make sure your Windows updates are being done
  •  Update your antivirus software and run weekly scans
  •  Have a policy in place that outlines employee access (what is allowed/what isn’t, etc.)
  •  Minimize remote access from outside sources (lock down Remote Desktop, etc.)
  •  Change your password to something complex every 30 days

Our scans will look for confidential information stored on local PCs, open ports that shouldn’t be open, password complexity–even traces of your data on the Dark Web–and so much more.

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