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Custom Built Computers

When it comes to custom built computers, nobody does it better than we do.  We can help you pick out the parts that fit within your budget.  Our team of experts meticulously install the components.  We put finishing touches such as zip ties and modular cables into the PC to ensure cabling is hidden.  We can provide advice to make your gaming PC be the best custom built PC on the block!  Check out some of the articles at Tom’s Hardware.

There is more to custom built computers than just buying some parts and putting them in a case.  Are you running your memory in dual channel?  How about the hard drive/SSD?  Will you be setting up a RAID 0 or RAID 1 array?  What type of drives will you use, NVMe? PCI-e? SATA?  We can help answer these questions–depending on your budget and what you want your PC to be able to do will determine this.

We also have a full retail store filled with parts and accessories.  We can order the newest, latest, and greatest for your custom built gaming PC.  We have worked with the best components you can get–from tempered glass cases with built-in water cooling to the latest Intel Core i9 Processors and Nvidia RTX 2080 Super cards.  We can build it!

Call today to see how our custom built computers can make your next gaming adventure the best it can be!  We have lots in stock in our retail store.

  • Custom Cases
  • Modular Power Supplies
  • Dual Channel RAM
  • Dual NVMe SSD RAID 0
  • Dual PCI-e Video Cards
  • Water Cooling
  • 2080TI Super Cards
  • LED Custom Lighting
  • LED Water Cooling
  • LED Fans
  • Tempered Glass ATX Cases
  • RAID 1 HDD 16TB Storage
  • Many More Options!